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How to Choose the Best Baby Stroller

britax-bagile3-strollerEvery parent is eventually put face-to-face with the need to buy a baby stroller and with so many models available on the market the decision is not an easy one. A couple of factors need to be accounted in order to make sure you are doing the right thing.

The first step to make is to figure out if you really need a baby stroller. As a parent, it is quite tempting to go and buy each and every product which appeals at a first glance. In most of the cases, buying a stroller is not really necessary for babies under one year. They can be easily carried with the help of a baby carrier. Nevertheless, if you are in for extended comfort and safety for you and the baby, a stroller is always a more convenient alternative. Buying a stroller can help you take the baby with you to enjoy the outside world in activities like shopping or jogging.

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The next factor to weight in is the type of stroller you need. The standard-size stroller offers plenty of space for storage for all the extra baby care products you take with you on a daily basis. For the first 6-12 months, an infant car seat can be positioned on a special lightweight frame to produce a very easy to maneuver stroller at almost half the weight of a standard stroller. Having twins clearly points out towards buying a double stroller, having the seats position either side-by-side or in tandem orientation.

Maneuverability is a very important performance feature for a stroller, as it has the ability to make the activity of going out with your baby for a walk more or less enjoyable. There is a significant difference between operating an empty stroller in the shop and trying to push a stroller with a baby inside and extra weight on a less even and rugged terrain. The best way to choose a baby stroller which will offer comfort is to take it for a ride simulating as good as possible real-world scenarios.

The size and type of the stroller wheels is the one element with the biggest potential to impact the whole experience. Larger diameter wheels make a bumpy road easier to manage without disturbing the baby to much with your struggle. Rubber wheels with air-filled tires are a quality feature able to raise the price of the stroller far beyond your budget. Strollers equipped with the average plastic wheels might be just the thing you need if you don’t plan to go outside pavements and side-walks.

The best baby stroller for you is often decided upon considering the overall storing capacity. In most occasions, you will have to take much more than the baby with you. As handling the stroller requires two hands for full safety, there is an obvious place for putting all the extra things you have. The most common place for storage can be found under the seat, while some strollers also accommodate a pocket behind the seat.

Safety is a major concern when you are walking your baby in the outside world. Almost all baby strollers have a series of safety features, which reduce the overall risk of injury to a minimum, if used properly. The stroller you are going to buy should have an easy to use lock system after you unfold it, an efficient parking brake, as well as a safety harness to prevent the baby from falling over. Besides all that, you should evaluate the overall stability of the stroller and decide if you feel comfortable with it. Some parents opt for heavier strollers just because of this reason.

Buying a stroller for your baby doesn’t need to be a hard decision. Although there are plenty of models out there, knowing from the start what to request from a stroller can significantly reduce your area of search. Of course, operating inside a limited budget can narrow your options even further, although we don’t recommend making a compromise. Buying the right stroller will offer you countless hours of enjoyment, as you take your newborn towards his/her first contacts with the outside world.

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