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How to Choose the Best Diaper Bag

As we all know, diaper changes are not exactly the type of activities a parent would enjoy, especially when it’s necessary to do it far from home. Choosing a great diaper bag can save you from a lot of stress and make you look forward at every activity with your newborn.

Storage is obviously the main parameter you need to consider when choosing what diaper bag to buy. Contrary to your initial belief, you don’t need only diapers in order to perform a diaper change. An entire arsenal, which includes wipes, rash cream, disposable bags, a full set of change clothes, and even a small toy needs to fit in. In most of the cases, mothers give up their purse in order to avoid carrying to bags with them. In this case, all the items you usually take with you each day need to be relocated in the diaper bag. You will need to have enough room for a water bottle, smartphone, wallet, keys, makeup, and everything else you can’t stay separated from.

But volume in itself is not enough to make for a good diaper bag. Even if all the mentioned items fit in, you need to find and retrieve them with a relative ease. A diaper change situation is usually an emergency one, and you will definitely not have the patience to go through all the chaos which governs diaper bags which lack enough pockets and compartments. Bad diaper bags end up upside down with all their content thrown out in search for that one thing you need. Although it is hard to believe, the color of the interior lining of the bag plays an important role in making your life easier. Light colors reflect more light inside, making clear for you which item is which.

Diaper bags have a tough and long life ahead of them and the one thing you need to praise the most is easy maintenance. Water and stain resistant fabrics are the best ones but you could settle as well with the ones which can be fully handled by washing machines. As a note, any treatment that repels water and other substances wears off with each automatic cycle of washing, so you need to consider the use of clean wipes or gentle detergent. There are some after-market spray solutions to make your bag waterproof, but you certainly don’t want to buy them after just a couple of washes. Before buying a diaper bag, make a commitment to keep it clean and in good shape for as long as possible.

Considering the material from which the diaper bag is made is important from another point of view. As it comes in contact with all the baby items, it needs to be free from any potential harmful chemical. This will save you a lot of time and energy when trying o figure out what caused an allergy or rash. Eco-friendly materials are gradually imposing themselves on the market, and this is a great time to inform yourself about what is best for health.

Aside from its generous storage space and easy retrieval of items, a diaper bag should be also friendly with the person carrying it. All those things you need for a diaper change plus your own belongings can add up to a considerable weight. Before you decide to buy the diaper bag which meets your requirements, don’t forget to test how comfortable it feels on your shoulders. Of course, test it with an added weight which mimics a daily use scenario. Premium diaper bags manufacturers make it a priority from equipping their products with everything needed for comfort over extended use.

The best diaper bag is not always about functionality. As you take it everywhere with you, it needs to satisfy at least some minimum requirements in terms of style. We don’t recommend buying diaper bags which are obvious in terms of the purpose they serve. A great diaper bag will go away perceived as a normal, super-sized bag. Being a mother doesn’t mean you are allowed to toss away the concern of being stylish.

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