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The Best Breast Pumps Are Here!

Looking for a breast pump? You've come to the right place. We've taken a look at some of the breast pump systems available right now and picked the top 5 we think you should consider. Breast pumps are super important to make sure you stay on a feeding and pumping schedule. Because of this, you need a quality breast pump system and these are the ones you should take a look at and pick from today.

medela pump in style advanced breast pump Medela Pump In Style Advanced
5 stars
- Designed For Moms Who Pump Several Times A Day
- Built In Bottle Holder To Prevent Spills
- Battery Pack To Pump Anywhere Anytime
- Removable Cooler Bag
- 2 Phase Expression System For Maximum Milk Extraction
spectrababy breast pump Spectra Baby USA S2
5 stars
- Super Quiet Adjustable Programming
- Closed System - Hygienic For You & Baby
- Night light & Timer
- Double Pumping Features
- Powerful, Adjustable Suction
- Hospital Grade Material
medela harmony manual breast pump Medela Harmony Manual Pump
5 stars
- Inexpensive But Efficient Pump
- Lightweight For Portablity & Discreet
- 2 Phase Expression technology
- Soft-touch ergonomic swivel Handle
- Great For Travel
medela breast pump starter kit Medela Starter Kit
5 stars
- 2 Phase Expression System
- One-Touch Letdown Button
- Compact Motor In Soft Smaller Bag
- Great Deal If You Don't Need Extras From Medela Pump In Style Advanced Set
first years breast pump First Years Double Breast Pump
4 stars
- Inexpensive Breast Pump
- Super Quiet For Discreet Pumping
- Soft Flexi-fit Breast Shields
- 8 Adjustable Suction Levels
Electric or Battery Operated
lansinoh milk bagsLansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags
Remember that you'll need breast milk bags to store all the extra breast milk. The Lansinoh breast milk bags are our #1 pick for storage bags. The great features of these bags are:
- 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free
- Leak-Proof and Larget Bag Available
- Ideal for Storing and Freezing Breast Milk
- Patented Double Seal
- Bags Can Be Laid Out Flat

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What Features To Look Out For?
You're going to want a breast pump that is fast and efficient. For the time you'll be spending pumping, you want to to get as much breast milk as possible. You'll look at systems where it has technology that makes pumping more efficient. If you're a mommy on the go, you'll need to take into consideration the portability of it. Pumping at work? You'll need a system you can carry with you everyday.

best breast pump
Medela Pump In Style Advanced
We picked the Medela Pump In Style Advanced as our most recommended breast pump system. The 2-phase Expression technology helps produce more milk in less time. We appreciated the choice between powered or battery pack for on the go pumping. This system comes with everything you need with a removable cooler bag, contour icepacks (to make sure your breast milk stays cold) and 4 breast milk bottles. The discreet bag is easy to use and setting up the system takes a few moments. No need to fumble around. If you travel a lot, we also recommend the Medela Manual Pump. Sometimes there are situations where you just can't use the Advanced system or if there are difficulties, the manual pump is a great backup system.


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