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The Best Baby Monitor Rankings Is Here!

What's the best baby monitor today that parents are using to watch their babies while they sleep? We looked closely at about 10 baby monitors and narrowed them down to only 5 that we feel that you should highly consider. We've also highlighted a few key important features of each one.

These are baby video monitors so if you're looking for sound only monitors, that'll be on another part of our site.

infant optics DXR-8 Infant Optics DXR-8

- 3.5 inch full color LCD Display
- Interchangeable optical lens to customize view
- Remote pan/tilt/zoom
- Long battery life (10 hours)
Samsung BrightVIEW HD Samsung BrightVIEW HD (SEW-3043W)

- 5 inches touch screen
- HD camera with pan and tilt
- Two way talk with microphone
- Non-visible IR LED for night vision
- 4 pre-programmed lullabies
Foscam Baby Monitor Foscam Baby Monitor

- 3.5 inch LCD display
- Rechargeable with 3-4 hour battery life
- Remote control pan/tilt/zoom
- built in temperature monitor
Motorola MBP26 Motorola MBP26

- 2.4 inch LCD monitor
- Optical Pan & Tilt and LED sound levels
- Rechargeable battery
- can be paired up with 4 baby cameras
- Up to 520 feet of range
summer infant baby monitor Summer Infant Baby Monitor

- 5 inch color LCD monitor
- wide angle lens (4x view)
- Digital zoom
- night vision
- two way audio
Due to the popularity of cameras such as the Nestcam (formerly known as the Dropcam), parents often ask why can't they use these types of cameras instead? Also, they're thinking about future use as you can re-use the Nestcam elsewhere around the house later when you don't need a baby monitor anymore. You most definitely can. The only downside to these cameras is that you'll need a smartphone or tablet to view. If you have an extra tablet laying around, then you can consider this method. If this is what you would like to try, we recommend you purchase the following:

nestcamSTEP 1: NESTCAM
Small and light-weight this Nestcam can be installed anywhere in the room since it uses WIFI. The video quality is 1080p HD which means you'll see clearly if your baby's eyes are open are not. Some complaints with baby monitors is the quality isn't as good. Also has night vision and audio included. If you want, you can also subscribe to the recording feature where it'll record 24/7 even while you're sleeping! So that way you can look back and see if anything was going on while you were away.
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amazon fire tabletSTEP 2: FIRE TABLET
Unless you have an extra tablet laying around, we recommend the Amazon Fire Tablet as a great inexpensive monitor. Why not an iPad? Because this tablet is going to be used for viewing your baby, you won't be able to use it most of the time. So why spend hundreds of dollars when you can do the same thing with the Fire Tablet (at the time of this article, it's $50 compared to like $400 for an iPad). This Fire Tablet will do the same thing while saving you money. Just download the free Nestcam app onto the tablet and you can start viewing right away.
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Why Do You Need A Baby Monitor?
A good high quality baby monitor is a must because it helps you keep watch over them while you are able to do other things around the house. Or it'll allow you to stay in bed and monitor them before deciding if you need to get up and go to the room in the middle of the night. Babies naturally wake up in the middle of the night but that doesn't mean you need to go in as they'll learn to fall asleep on their own too. Also, it'll allow you to sleep (what's that?) a little bit more so you're not so tired the next morning. There are many different types of cameras out there with such a difference in price range..it's true that you do get what you paid for. Don't try to save money on an inferior camera. Spend the money on a quality camera instead of having to buy another one once you realize the cheap one doesn't work the way you want it.

Why Features Should You Consider?
There are a few different features that you should consider when picking a baby monitor. But the most important feature we think that you should pay attention to is clarity and sound. You want to be able to see clearly what is going on in the nursery or bedroom while you're not in there. Same with sound. You want to be able to hear your baby crying. After that, one feature that we found useful was the temperature reading. This allows you to know what the temperature of the room is so to make sure it's not too hot or too cold. We found that while these temperature readings were a bit off, once you compare it to an actual thermometer in the room, you can quickly guess what the actual temperature is.

infant optics DXR 8
Infant Optics DXR-8
We picked the Infant Optics DXR-8 as the top choice for baby monitors because it offered all the standard features we were looking for in a baby monitor and also these additional features.
- Interchangeable Lens
- Temperature Monitoring
- Capability To Add Additional Cameras
- Extended Battery Life And Charging Anywhere (USB too!)


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