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The Best Baby Humidifiers Is Here!

Looking for a humidifier for your nursery? Then you've come to the perfect place. We were originally going to review 10+ humidifiers but after looking through the products, we decided that you really need to consider 3 for your nusery. It'll make your decision easier too. The features and price differences were minimal between some of the units but we picked 3 we thought you would like to add to your nursery for your baby.

crane humidifier baby elephant Crane Humidifier - Elephant
5 stars
- Ultrasonic Cool Mist Increases Air Moisture
- Clean Control Antimocrobial Material To Reduce Mold/Bacteria Growth by 99.96%
- Removable 1 Gallon Tank
- Auto Off Function When Tank Is Empty
vicks humidifier Vicks Humidifier
5 stars
- Automatic Auto-Shutoff
- 1 Gallon Capacity Up To 12 Hours Of Use
- Quiet Operations & Soft Glowing Night Light
- 2 Comfort Settings
- Medicine Cup Allows Use of Vicks Vapostream
purasense humidifier PuraSense Humidifier
5 stars
- Precise Humidity/Mist Control
- 1.3L Capacity For Over 7 Hours Use
- Microporous Filter Cartridges For Cleaner Mist
- Ultrasonic Technology Runs Silently
Lifetime Guaranteed

Why Do You Need A Humidifier?
A humidifier provides additional comfort to cold symptoms for babies and younger children. It helps relieve pain and discomfort from dry itchy skin to chapped lips. When babies have stuffy nose, it makes sleeping uncomfortable for them and for parents who have to hear them struggle to breathe. The humidifier releases moisture into the air to help soothe nasal passages and dry coughs. Dry air brought on by your climate area or during the winter when you run the heat makes breathing uncomfortable which is why parents run a humidifier while they and their children sleep.

crane elephant humidifier
Crane Humidifier - Elephant
We picked the Crane humidifier as our top choice. We found that it was simple and easy to use. The 1 gallon capacity was more than plenty for overnight usage. If a simple working humidifier is what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with the Crane. For nurseries, there are other animal options you can consider such as a pengiun, cow, dog, dragon, duck, frog, and even Hello Kitty! We found young toddlers enjoyed the look of the crane animals designs but if it's not for you, Crane does make a non-animal design that works exactly the same.


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